Exploring Psychedelics, 2018


Exploring Psychedelics 2018 Schedule:


Thursday, May 24th, Rogue River Room, Stevenson Union, Southern Oregon University, 9:30 am - 9 pm


9:30 am – Opening Remarks by Martin Ball


10 am – Esteban DeCorazon – “Metaphysical Phenomena : Approaching the Psilocybin Spectrum”


10:30 am – Cody Noconi – “EntheoMagus: The Secret Psychedelic History of Mormonism”


11 am – Robert Owings, M.A., M.F.A. – “Fiction as a Gateway into Psychedelics”

11:30 am – Andrew Joseph, J.D. - “Prohibition, the Constitution, and the Path to Legalization”


1 pm – John Harrison, MA, PsyD (c) – “So You Want to Be a Psychedelic Therapist”


1:30 pm – Martin W. Ball, Ph.D. – “Nondual Energetic Therapy with Psychedelics/5-MeO-DMT”


2 pm – Rev Aryshta Dean – “The Mystical Experience - Quantum Consciousness, Entheogens, and Container Theory:  Beyond Set and Setting”


2:30 pm – Tara Rose, M.F.A. – “Cleansing the Ego with Entheogens: Kambo, Cannabis & Ayahuasca”

3 pm – Ana Holub, M.A. – “The Role of Forgiveness in Entheogenic Journeys”


3:30 pm – Kristina Castleberry - “The Power of Psychedelic Plants to Transform Trauma: A Survivor’s Mystical Perspective”


4 pm – Kirra Swenerton, M.S. – “Spirit Guides, Energetic Hygiene and Ritual Containers: Relational Technologies for Navigating Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness”


4:30 pm – Amanda Noconi – “Psychedelics, Feminism, and Oppression: How Cognitive Liberty is a Feminist Issue”

5-6 pm – Women and the Psychedelic Movement – Panel Discussion and Q&A


7 pm – Preston Temple – “The future of psychedelic drug development”


7:30 pm – Gwyllm Lwydd (William Floyd) – “Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Hasheesh as a Psychedelic within the Transcendentalist Movement”


8 pm – Dr. Justin Panneck – “Neuro-Psycho-Entheo Hacking: Psychonautic Engineering Healing Hacks for Optimal Living in the Post-Modern Era”


8:30 pm – Brad Adams, Ph.D. – “Entheogens and the Wheel of Life: How plant medicines may help save us from ourselves”


Friday, May 25th, Rogue River Room, Stevenson Union, Southern Oregon University, 9 am – 6 pm


9 am – Kevin Feeney, PhD, JD – “Fly Agaric as Medicine: From Traditional to Modern Use”


9:30 am – Mike Crowley – “Blue Mushrooms, Blue Gods”


10 am – Yashpal Jayne – “Entheogenic Medicine Variety for Personal Transformation”


10:30 am – Philip Perl, MPH – “A Qualitative follow-up study from MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD: Findings and suggestions for future research”


11 am – Gregory Wells, PhD, and Veronika Gold, MFT –“Starting a Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Practice”


11:30 am – Jeff Tarrant, Ph.D., BCN, DCEP – “The Brain on Psychedelics: Implications for non-medicine Reactivations”


1 pm – Meriana Dinkova, MFT – “Empower Your Inner Shaman and Realize the Creator Within”


1:30 pm – Eric Grace – “MDMA for Personal Healing”

2:00 pm Amanda Stevenson and Angela Ward – “Qualitative Reports of Advantages and Drawbacks of Consuming 5-MeO-DMT: Results from Two Survey Studies”


2:30 pm Octavio Rettig Hinojosa, M.D. – “Otac/Toad Around the World”


3:00 pm – Mario Garnier - "Step 2, If You Can`t Find Them, Make Them: Developing the Community Around 5-MeO-DMT”


3:30 pm – Merrill Ward – ““Letting Go”: Practical Techniques for Effective Ego Transcendence Through the Entheogenic Experience”


4:00 pm – Rak Razam – “The Ocean in the Drop”

4:30-5:30 pm – 5-MeO-DMT Panel Discussion and Q&A

6 pm - closing remarks, then off to Jackson Wellsprings for the Afterparty - 7-10:30 pm


“Fractals of Infinity” Afterparty at Jackson Wellsprings, 7-10:30pm, music starts at 7:30 pm with Alcyon Massive, followed by Martin and Bram and topped off with Fractal Love Jam, $20 (12 and under, free)

Saturday, May 26th, Psychedelic Documentary Mini-Film Fest, Jackson Wellsprings, Community Room, 12 noon - 8 pm (doors open at 11:30), $20

Film Fest Schedule:

12 pm - "A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin" intro by John Harrison and response by Tom and Sheri Eckert of the Oregon Psilocybin Society
1:30 pm - "5-MeO-DMT EEG Session" with discussion by Martin Ball and Jeff Tarrant
3 pm - "Toad Medicine in Mexico" with Mario Garnier
4 pm - "The Archaic Revival: Paradise Regained" by New Media Productions
5 pm - "Psychedelica: The Holy Mushroom Theory" with response by Tom Hatsis
6 pm - "Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians" (2-hour run time)

Visionary artists for 2018 include: Martin Ball, Gwyllm Llwydd, Timothy White, Bryan K Ward, Brian Paul Smith, Micah Osfstedahl, Azriel Hartmann, Katlin Pazmandi, Orchid Mandala, and more!

Information tables: Oregon Psilocybin Society, Portland Psychedelic Society, Eugene Center for Ethnobotanical Studies, and Essene Order of Natural Mystics