Exploring Psychedelics - Donations!

Due to having to cancel the 2019 conference, no donations are needed, at this time

Our 2016 conference was so successful, with such a large number of presenters and attendees, that Southern Oregon University has determined that it has grown from a "campus/student" event to a "community event." This means that instead of offering the conference room free of charge for the conference, we will now be charged $1,100 a day for the two-day event, for total of $2,200. We will also need to provide our own event insurance, and cover costs of promotion and the afterparty and documentary film fest at Jackson Wellsprings. We will need to raise a bare minimum of $3,000 for 2019, and $4,000-$5,000 would be even better.

If you would like to help us cover our costs for the 2019 conference so that we can continue to make this conference free and open to the public at no direct charge as we have done for 2014-2016, then please show your support with a donation via Paypal. Most similar events charge in excess of over $100 to attend. Here, we want to keep it free, and also have the all the talks and presentations available for free on The Entheogenic Evolution Podcast. The support of generous donors is vital to making this happen.

Thank you for your generous support!


If you would like to receive a "thank you" gift for your donation, send me an email with confirmation of your donation amount, shipping address, and desired gift. Selections for art can be made at www.fractalimagination.com, and books or music can be selected at www.martinball.net. I'm happy to make my books, music, and art available to you as a way of showing appreciation for your financial support. - Martin

$1 - 24: Thanks and appreciation!
$25 - 50: Collection of 5 Fractal Art Stickers (4x6 inches)

$51 - 100: Signed paperback copy of Being Human

$101 - 150: Paperback copy of Entheogenic Liberation

$151 & up: Limited edition, signed and numbered FULL COLOR paperback of Mushroom Wisdom

$300 & up: 24x36 Signed Fractal Art Photo Print

$500 & up: 16x24 Fine Art Giclée Print, available at the conference