Exploring Psychedelics Submissions, 2018


Submissions for speakers and presenters for the 2018 conference will be accepted over a six week period of February 1st through March 15th. Selected presenters will be notified by April 1st.

Who can submit?

Anyone! The Exploring Psychedelics Conference strives to be as inclusive and diverse as possible. In addition to receiving submissions from academics, researchers, and well-known figures in the field of psychedelics, submissions from SOU students, local practitioners and enthusiasts, religious and spiritual leaders, artists and healers, are all encouraged. Minorities, women, and under-represented groups are also encouraged to submit to help diversify the field of psychedelic studies, which, like many areas, has often been dominated by white men. The four previous years of the Exploring Psychedelic Conference have been very diverse and 2018 will be no exception, provided that the submissions come in!

How long are presentations?

Most presentations will be 25 minutes, including Q&A. We receive a large number of proposals and seek to include as many presenters as possible over the course of the two-day conference, and for this reason, tend to keep presentations short. There may be a few longer presentations in the 50 minutes - 1 hour and 20 minutes range, depending on topic. Also, if multiple proposals are received on a similar or related topic, speakers may be grouped into panels and group presentations, providing each speaker with 20-15 minutes and time for Q&A

What to submit?

Your name and contact information
Professional/Academic degrees or affiliations, if you have them (not required)
Title and description of your talk
Please indicate if you'd be willing to be part of a panel or group presentation
Please indicate if you have a preference for speaking on Thursday, May 24th, or Friday, May 25th
Social media or website links you'd like posted on the Exploring Psychedelic webpage with your conference listing

What are some of the topics that have been covered in previous years at Exploring Psychedelics?

We've had presentations all across the spectrum of psychedelic studies: Santo Daime, Native American Church, Ayahuasca, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, MDMA, Cannabis, Iboga/Ibogain, Psilocybin, Human Rights, Indigenous Rights, Ceremony, Religion, History, Psychedelic/Visionary Art, Fractals, Healing, Psychotherapy, Nonduality, Philosophy, Scientific and Medical Research, Harm Reduction, Legal Issues, and so much more . . .

Send submissions to Martin Ball:


If you are a visual artist and would be interested in showing some of your work at our event, please send and email with a link to where your work can be viewed online. Space for displaying art is limited at the event, and we are not able to cover travel or art transport costs.


We have a limited amount of space available for groups and organizations to display their informational materials. Please send an email with the name and focus of your group, websites, contact information, etc.