The Exploring Psychedelics Conference 
May 23th and 24th, 2019 at Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon
May 25th, 2019: Psychedelic Documentary Film Fest at Jackson Wellsprings


The Exploring Psychedelics conference was started in 2014. The goal was to create an event where diverse perspectives on psychedelics could be explored and discussed openly and with an eye toward challenging the logic of prohibitionist laws against these unique plants and substances that have been used for spiritual, religious, and healing purposes by countless cultures over the span of human history.

What started as a small community event has now turned into the largest international conference about psychedelics north of San Francisco in the western US.

All talks from the 2018 conference can be listened to on the Entheogenic Evolution Podcast player below.

To sample some of what is shared at Exploring Psychedelics, you can enjoy this "supercut" of talks from 2015-2017 by Jeremy of New Media Productions featuring numerous speakers and fractal art animations by Martin Ball.

Exploring Psychedelics is a FREE conference that is open to the public. However, there are significant costs in putting on an event like this. Please show your support and help make this yearly conference a success with your financial contribution with the Paypal link available above. It's up to YOU to make this happen! See the "donate" page via the tab above to check out the various "thank you" gifts for donations of original visionary art, music and books by Martin Ball.

The 2018 conference was a fantastic success - best yet! Audio of talks are available on the Entheogenic Evolution Podcast

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Exploring Psychedelics 2019 will be May 23 and 24, at SOU, and a Psychedelic Documentary Film Fest at Jackson Wellsprings on Saturday, May 25. Submissions for the 2019 conference will be open from February 15 - March 15.